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A day in my life as an astrologer is rarely dull, helping clients to understand their problems is just one of the many things that can keep me busy, and the following is just an example that may be of interest to you if you have a real interest in the working of astrology on a day to day basis.

The chart is a woman who met  her love on the internet, I have not used her real name. At the time of meeting transits were crossing the second house activating the natal planets there. She wanted to know the  outcome. In her chart, the planet Mars, which represents love in a woman’s chart, is conjunct to Neptune, the planet of  distant places, The conjunction makes  a quincunx to the house of partners.  Suggesting that  her future partner being from a distant place will cause problems and put a strain on the relationship.

Long distance relationships can have many obstacles, they are food for the soul, but trying to make them into day to day existence is often hard.  Astrologically this is also a Neptune effect. But Uranus conjunct Saturn , quincunx to the seventh house is another factor. It shows the relationship is likely to break up. Because of the difficulty’s of being  apart and this being the second house cusp and an earth sign Capricorn. lack of money to be together. The obstacles are practical  and they will defeat the Neptune dream.

Birth Chart of Sayuri
Birth Chart of Sayuri

Mercury, the ruling planet of  her house of soulmates is also the planet of communication and in your third house.  This shows that  Sayuri knew him before  they meet in person. Mercury in Aquarius in this house represents emails. The first  contact  being though the internet. The first  meeting, very typical of the planets involved a cold  journey across rugged Capricorn hills, to a damp misty town. Neptune is mists. Greater problems arose when her work contract ended and she had to return to  Japan, a whole world away, The relationship became even more long distant and the meetings between delayed (Saturn) . The deepest love can survive the  greatest obstacles, and this one did  but only for a limited time. The soul grows tired of waiting of  trying to change things. The circumstance of the, material world can weaken the emotional bond too much.

Her difficult Jupiter aspect to the configuration of planets on the second house cusp show the possibility of money eventualy. It would make the choice a truer reality, but could the relationship survive that long?

Remember that all relationships, whether they are lovers, friends, happy or sad, reliable or exciting, have a value for what they are. They only make us unhappy if we demand more from the relationship than it has to give. If we can enjoy and experience what the relationship has to give us, whether its love, pain, lust, or just an interlude in our life that makes life richer, it all has value to the soul.

In some ways the chart shows a choice between the conventional  and the unconventional. The seventh house  Gemini, the twins,  two options. The Saturn Uranus,  the  man of different class and culture (Uranus), or a traditional Japanese’s man (Saturn). Whom  Sayuri met while back in  Japan. He was older but interesting. Thin and Saturnine, serious in looks as one would expect from the aspect. Saturn is several degrees distant from Neptune so he didn’t have the strong romantic allure of the long distance one, but he still had an attractiveness…It seemed to me there would always be this same dilemma in Sayuri’s chart all down the years in different ways. The near, the far, the conventional, the unconventional. Love can be a long road, conventional or unconventional that take us through many people, and many situations and places to the real soul mate, but it is not the only destination each relationship is a destination within itself.

Life can be so empty that I think all love and also friendship is a gift and should be valued for whatever it brings. Not all love relationship have to have the same destination in life.

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