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Rectify Birth Time

When your time of birth is not known or is estimated. True predictive astrology is based on the astrological heavens at the moment of your birth.  To obtain an accurate birth chart or Natal chart your time and town of birth is needed, your birthday is just not enough. You may not know your hour and minute of birth, but there is a method of astrological chart analysis to take an unknown birth time to a calculated time of birth. It is called ” Chart Rectification”. If you  have regular astrology readings, or even if you want an only a once in a life time reading you want it right, and to be as vivid, illuminating and detailed as it possibly can, then a rectification is essential if your birth time is not known to be corrrect.

Let me have as much detail about major happenings to yourself and close family, with dates they occured, serious events are often unpleasant ones but they help greatly in determining the true birth time. If you feel there have been no major events tell me about your appearance, scars, do you wear spectacles, all help to pin-point an accurate time.

My methods of predictive astrolgy, true astrology the way it was done by the ancients, takes into account the position of every stars, aspect and heavenly house. The Universe is constantly in motion. During the course of a day or an hour the stars can move several degrees. Their position at Midday is different from that at midnight, you only have to watch the passage of the Sun and Moon across the darkened sky at night to see this, but all the other stars rise and set and change their position in relation to the earth too in the space of minutes and hours. A chart of the skies drawn for midday, is no longer so valid for four p.m., for the heavens will have shifted somewhat, and while some stars remain the same others will be different, even the distances and angles between the stars, which are called “aspects” may have changed, and perhaps your destiny with it. So your reading done from a mid-day chart will not be totally wrong but you may not rely on everything I tell you, and it may be limited, less detailed, some things I may not be able to tell you at all. Timing too, which is always a hazardous process to begin with, may less accurate.

All events are fixed in time. What I need to know to rectify your chart is three or four important events in your life and the year and month, or approximate month, when they happened. From this I can determine your birth time. The best events to work with astrologically are those that stand out and make you different from other people. For example if you fell off the roof and broke your leg when you were nine, that’s great, because its not an event that happens to every child!
Events that do happen to everyone, like getting married in one’s twenties, or going to college at eighteen are less helpful. The event need not be a big one, it just needs to be unique to you.

For Example; anything that is different about you is useful in rectification. In one  case the most useful information was that she was badly allergic to milk. In another case the most useful things that came up was that he was born in a women’s’ prison and adopted. Another Lady had worn glasses from the age of 12. Another was a twin. These things may seem small and inconsequential, but they “place” you in your chart. Because certain events or certain personal details show in certain chart positions. They allow me to construct a chart that is yours, rather than some faceless person born on the same day and year. It is like fitting a jigsaw together, even piece of information must fit the finished chart.

It is good if you know your approximate time of birth, or even if you just know it was afternoon, or between seven and ten, then it is a starting point. It is helpful to see a clear photo of you, you can to attach a picture to an email. Or a description of hair, eye colour, height, as these can also help place your time of birth. Being detailed in your important events or important details helps. The woman in the example helped by saying her allergy was to milk, rather than just saying an allergy. The death of ones’ parent from stroke is more helpful than just the death, it just adds that extra bit of clarification.

The work is really worth more than I ask, as it can be very time consuming, not one is the same as another. But as I want to give you true predictions so you will return, so it is in my interests to make sure it is correct as far as I can. You also receive a very brief but interesting report, showing the way your rectification has been calculated and how the events or personal details you gave fit into the pattern of your unique chart and destiny. This can be easily understood by those not conversant with astrology, as well as by those who have some knowledge, as everything is carefully explained. The natal chart is included with the reading, showing birth time arrived at.

I hope this has been enlightening. Even if you decide that you are happy not to have a rectification done, I do hope you will continue to write to me for your future readings. Do you tell me and I will take into account that your birth time is unknown. You can order your Rectification here, or use the order page, the price is £75 gbp. Do remember to use the Contact form to send me your details.