Soulmates and Marriage

Compatibility of Soulmates -Synastry

Soulmates can face many difficulties. There will be ups and downs, you find it hard to talk about it, sometimes you just need a friend to help you understand.

Compatibility is about the relationship, and is known in astrology as Synastry. In this complex and supportive compatibility reading reading I draw up your own astrological chart and that of the person your are involved with to get an insight into your mutual fate, so discover if there is compatibility between you. Synastry can see how the relationship between yourself and a new found lover or soulmate will develop. It can also be most effective in helping in concerns with relationships.unhappy soulmates

I got your Synastry reading with …. and soul mate reading 1 some months ago. I would just like to show you appreciation for your reading.”
I can not show you enough how I feel by words. I feel like heavy burden suddenly off from my shoulder. That I am not wrong to love him.”
I was always thinking if I am wrong to love him, if I am just a mad and childish to wait for him to open his mind. But you showed me that…”read more  .

Through this unique and individual reading I can make predictions, so enables me to give sympathetic advice on your problems. I can’t resolve your problems, but I can help you understand the difficulties and help you move towards the future that you want. You don’t have to suffer, there are always solutions no matter how hopeless you may think it all is.

You should give the birth data of yourself and the other person, with the time of birth, let me know if you are not sure of that and I may recommend a Birth Time Rectification. Explain your worries, and the questions you’d like answered about the person or the relationship. Talk to me in confidence as a friend. My unique methods and deep insights can help resolve any problem. By Comparing your chart to another’s I will reveal your future and find all the answers to what you want to know.

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