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There are only twelve Zodiac signs, so any reading based on them must by necessity be very general and basic, because each sign covers a twelfth of the population.

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Zodiac soulmates

In your own chart the degree of your zodiac sign and the astrological house it occupies, the ruling planet of that Zodiac sign and any planet your Sun aspects will also add or detract something and help make the picture more individual than from these very general indications. But because everyone knows their zodiac sign, we begin this book in this simple way. Later in our soulmate journey and in the steps of this book the astrology becomes ever complex.

Soulmate Astrology is how I describe the reading of your birth chart to give an insight into your future partner. My books Soulmate Astrology vols. One and Two offer some help in understanding astrology and how it works, so I will be reproducing sections of these books over the coming days and weeks, that it may help you not only to understand your birth chart but also to understand your Soulmate.


Born under Aries your soulmate is one who seems as though he will gain success in life. Dominant; the strong quiet one, and love is deep and impulsive, or sometimes comes after a rejection. Loss turned to victory. He is not always the first love or first choice. Your spirit dislikes being dependant or totally reliant on another. You are ambitious, and the soul mate you will desire, may be a man of substance. One who allows you to stand tall. Aries females often want to marry a man of higher position than their friends or sisters have married. Someone to raise you up when you need to hold your head high in life and win. Aries man, is masculine, and needs a feminine sort who is submissive and trusting, who will make him feel strong.


The slow and gradual realization that someone matters to you ever more deeply; The dawning of love, is how you will  recognize your  predestined partner. Your soulmate will offer security and commitment. You will be expected to accept  his traditions,  ways and family values. Vows that are never broken. Your soulmate will be the steady faithful type. But may also be possessive. Your  soulmate is someone reliable who will always be there for you.


Your soulmate will seem like a twin spirit,   the dear friend you always wanted but much more wonderful than any friend you have known. It is difficult for you to find all you need in just one person. Like an ever changing flame,  your soulmate can seem one thing then another,   A partner who is entertaining clever and bright,  who can adapt to the changing times in your life. There is something of the youth in this person,  and no matter how many times you have loved before,  this love is fresh and new.


Someone you can trust,  who will  cherish and care for you. This may be a provider materially or spiritually. The soulmate has a  sensitive vulnerable side,  or something  that reflects the child inside of you and brings out your care taker instincts. A partner who feels familiar like one of the family,  who is your rock,  someone you will  cling to like a shadow. A tender sympathetic soul who copes with your vulnerability or moodiness and who likes being looked after as much as you.


Your soulmate is  dazzling and dramatic someone whom you can feel very proud  to know. A talented and much admired man,  who has chosen you amongst all others. You shine in his reflected light. A relationship that is uplifting,  prestigious, and which other people will admire and recognize. A film star or royal charisma. A man who will make grand  generous gestures of love and who will give a lot of a attention and affection. And you alone in all the world will understand him and see the insecurity beneath the confident sparkling surface.


You  offer unconditional love, to just one love. No other man can move you deeply but him.  So you acquiesce too much and   your predestined partner doesn’t know where the line is drawn. You try to be the perfect partner. Your soulmate will be a much Admired,   strong masculine,  rugged warm  witty clever cool dignified and earthy with a good physique. One who lives life and love by his own set of rules. Slow to commit to you but an enduring love..


Your soulmate is attractive,  romantic,  refined in manners,  and well dressed. A relationship with a touch of  luxury or class and romance about it. Desire for peace a fear of rejection. This sign puts up with a lot in life,  loyal,  dutiful devoted. You do not want to be independent.
You want to be cherished and provided for. A relationship  that will last for life, built round duty respect loyalty and  devotion.


Born under Scorpio, your soulmate is mysterious, impenetrable and has hidden powers. You seek something not ordinary. A power some people find scary. Refinement. You also want someone of interesting mentality, who can hold your attention and captivate you. Scorpio relationships often have a hidden kind of love. The soulmate may be a secret, or love may never be spoken of between you, relationship that has its share of walking in darkness but is immensely powerful and will transform you as a person, or transform your life totally.


Your soulmate will take your heart by storm. He will be protective. Reliably and sturdy, Fit and healthy and will look it. A Honest man, a pillar of the community, good at heart and sturdy in soul. He can bring the light of cheer and enthusiasm into your gloom, and brighten you darkest moment. A little possessive perhaps, but dependable, faithful and one who is a success in his own life and a profusion.. You will be honest and open with each other.


Your soulmate is self disciplined, controlled and knows what he wants in life. A man you will first respect and then love, afraid that he will hurt you, you are restrained. He is restrained and afraid you will break his heart. It is a working relationship. Practical, feet on the ground, Loyal a help mate as well as a soulmate. At times it will seem to lack romance, but there is a passionate earthy core. Your predestined partner will offer strong support worldly support a relationship over shadowed by many things, every day things, work, sorrows, but through it all duty loyalty. Mutual co operation..


This man will inspire you, an unusual soulmate, cool, modern, someone whose intellect and taste appeals to you. He will intrigue and excite you mentally. A man of intelligence and independence. A relationship that is held lightly, loosely at first, like a friendship. Love unspoken. Much detachment. Unusual or unconventional soulmate. The sort of person, or kind of relationship that you never really envisaged or imagined for yourself, but who seems destined. A love that just happens like a storm in summer and builds its own momentum. A relationship full of chance elements and coincidence.


Strong, moody, capable but dreamy. Someone whose deep inner worth you can see, even when others cannot. Someone you’d never abandon. Sensitive stormy, tempestuous. The relationship with your soulmate can be changeable and may involve some emotional or spiritual sacrifice. Something you have to give up to get him. The negative side of this sign can bring ‘Victim Savior’ relationships, co-dependant relationships. Addictive relationships and suffering. The positive side spiritual or artistic relationships, that heal something within you, relationship that some creative venture will come out of, but which you have to give your life to. Life long devotion.


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