Soulmates and Marriage

Terms and Conditions

All orders are accepted on the understanding that you have agreed to the following terms and conditions. Each reading is prepared individually and is not a fixed product, so the quantity of information and length of reports can vary according to the findings of each person’s chart.  Astrology prediction can never provide certainties.  Life is a series of choices, you choose what you do with your life. You, those around you and your environment are in constant change, nothing is guaranteed. Ivarna prepares every reading in good faith as the best guide to events as Ivarna sees them based on the information you give. Ivarna is always keen to hear from clients as to how things turn out, but can accept no responsibility if things do not go as predicted. Due to the demand for Ivarna’s dedicated service at times a waiting list builds up, delivery for readings can be up to 6 weeks from the date of order, if it is urgent you may request urgent delivery which is usually within 15 days, if it is likely to be any other you will be informed. It is your responsibility to give accurate information when placing your order. The birth details you enter on the order form will be taken as being correct. If you do not know your birth details please contact us before placing your order. Although Ivarna is confident that you will be pleased with the work carried out on your behalf and dis-satisfied clients are extremely rare, there may be an occasion when mis-understandings or errors occur.  In this event Ivarna will endeavour to resolve the matter in your best interest.   Please contact Ivarna without delay using the contact form if you have any problem with readings supplied. Orders must be paid for in full in advance. Refunds Policy:  Because of the nature of the service refunds are not given, but will be considered at the discretion of Ivarna. Your statutory rights are not affected.