Soulmates and Marriage


soulmate astrology of IvarnaIvarna, astrologer and psychic

Ivarna, astrologer and psychic, developed her unique Soulmate astrology over many years of astrological chart analysis for clients world wide.

Now specializing in relationship astrology, and Soulmates, Ivarna was reading Tarot cards in her schooldays. Ivarna began her Marriage Chart reading over 20 years ago which has developed into the well respected Soulmate readings she is known for today.

Some years ago a client in Japan featured Ivarna’s ‘Soulmate Readings’ in her new book, the title translated into English reads ‘Meeting your soulmate through first meeting your true self’. When asked the about the book the client gave this inspiring reply; 

“I wrote of my own experience with you, your Soulmate Reading, to explain that we are soul beings and we decide our life plan including soulmate before we were born. As so many women remain single nowadays in Japan worrying if they have any chance to meet their soulmate. I wanted to assure everyone has got soulmate, but it does not mean that that brings happiness, and most important thing is our spiritual growth and if we know our true desire, our true voice, we live a life which we planned beforehand to develop our spirituality and which we feel fulfilled in deepest level, and I put some exercises to find our true voice.”

Since then Ivarna’s popularity in Japan as grown steadily and Ivarna’s unique style of interpretation now features on Japanese astrology websites and mobile phone. So popular are her Soulmate Readings that she now has little time for anything else. Yet she has found time to complete a recent publication ‘Ivarna’s Soulmate Astrology, first available in Japanese is now published in UK and available from Amazon and Waterstones.

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