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soulmate prediction astrology

Want to know who you will marry? Who is your Soulmate? Soulmate Prediction Astrology is special to Ivarna. Your Soulmate Chart is also a Marriage Prediction. It will show the person you are destined to meet and settle down with in the near future. From this powerful and detailed description you will be able to tell if he is the person you are with, or hope to find. You may feel you know him already. You may be in a relationship that is not going well, worried about your new partner, or seeking someone to end your loneliness. Whatever the reason I can help.

You may find your soulmate prediction astrology chart does not describe someone you know, if so then you can expect this man to make a big impression on you soon. He may not seem to be the type of person you think of as your ideal mate, yet so often that is exactly how he appears to you. Your Marriage Prediction is a description of your soul mate is taken from your birth chart, and I pull no punches, not every one is destined to have a perfect, loving Adonis for their very own. We all have our faults and I can draw out these imperfections to show you who he really is.

Remember this description is drawn from your birth chart, for the very moment you were born, so I will need your time of birth. Some countries do not note this on birth certificates so a little research among family members can sometimes help. But if it is not known I can utilize modern techniques to perform an age old method of calculating your time of birth, based on information you tell me. Read more about this at

Your Soulmate Predication Astrology Chart can also help with a difficult relationship. It can reveal things about him you may not have really understood. Knowing your partner and understanding his own underlying issues can often provide solutions to your love life and marital problems. It may highlight factors that are influencing your feelings toward him, and you want to know more. This is where a Synastry can prove most useful.

Synastry is comparing his chart and  yours, deeply analyzed to find answers to questions about your relationship difficulties. There is really no limit to what can be found in an accurate natal chart. So do not be afraid to ask. There is little I have not heard before over the years of helping clients overcome difficult issues. I am here for you, to share my experience and professional abilities, to give you the power to enjoy the true, loving relationship you seek.

Reasons why you may want a Marriage / Soulmate Chart;

  • You have been alone too long, and yearn to meet that very special person.
  • You are unhappy in a relationship, wondering if a new partner is on the horizon.
  • You have met someone but not sure if it is the real thing.

There are many reasons why over 5,000 have now requested their own marriage/soulmate chart, many writing back, and back again.

As a professional consultant astrologer with over twenty five years experience in relationships and guidance I can guarantee you will receive genuine, traditional astrology prepared individually for you. Some of my clients are themselves astrologers, psychics and therapists. The marriage chart is a very special reading that you can obtain only from myself. Drawn up to your own birth date and time.

Order your Marriage / Soulmate Chart now at at the normal price of £125.00. It will be sent as an email attachment in Microsoft Word format in around 2 to 3 weeks. You can read more about soulmates at Why not request a Soulmate Chart as an unusual gift for a special friend. Or simply ask for more details, I will be happy to help.

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