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Dear Ivarna, Thank you for your sending me Soulmate One reading the other day. I decided to order Two and Three because I would like to know as much as…


Hi Ivarna Enjoyed reading soul mate 2 and 3. The place we meet, and the health part (difficult hearing on right ear from young), attitude towards money etc are spot…


Dear Ivarna, I have just received your soulmate one reading. Thank you so much I can feel excited about future. I don’t know if I can love that soulmate person…


Dear Ivarna, I hope this finds you well.Firstly, thank you so much for the Soulmate 1 which I’ve received a few months ago. I enjoyed it very much and ordered…


Dear Ivarna, Just like i have told you on my previous email, i very much enjoyed reading your reading as always. Lots of excitements, wonders, mysteries and anxious to meet…


Dear Ivarna, Thank you very much for sending me the soulmate reading 4, and apologies for the delayed reply. Your reading is so impressive and amazing to me as always…


You’re very famous in Japan too,and it feels a bit unbelievable to email you like this.Everyone knows Ivarna-san(Japanese style) saved and encouraged, have led many people to a meaningful life.…


Dear Ivarna, Thank you so much for your reply.Your reading and words are so special.I feel your professional skill of astrology and insight deeply. You encourage me to live my…


Dear Ivarna, First of all, I thank you very deeply for your another astonishing reading…I was so stunned!! (Kind of shocking that I had to read at least twice to…


messages to ivarna

And here is a further selection from my feedback, letters and emails. I make no further comment on these other than the clients’ names are not given to respect their privacy but they may recognize their words. My thanks to you for taking the time to write,  and pleased you are happy to share these words with others that it may give confidence and inspiration.

“You have fascinated me again. It is so much detail that I could never imagine…”

” I am so relieved to know that this new person exists!….  I haven’t met him yet so I am determined to not miss the opportunity….I appreciate so much that you have guided me so far!! I could have never decided on my own and have this motivation…”

“Thank you very much for your reply. You are always so sincere.”

Your kind and heart-warming message calmed me down, and made me so happy. I can really feel the warmth from your message. You are sooo powerful and full of love! Yes, you are right; I pick a small detail out of all, and worry about it too much… From now on, I will read your message again and again to stay positive whenever I feel lonely and doubtful…”

“Now I’m so curious and excited about my future more than ever before…”

“I was stunned as I went through your reading. It was mind blowing but I am so happy to know that you see my soulmate in my chart…..that means a lot to me. I wish to thank you sincerely for your wonderful and most uplifting service. I recommended your service to my friends…”

“Just wanted to tell you that I think you are the most talented and accurate astrologer I have ever found. Your predictions on what is going on in people’s lives is astounding. I have really missed your February forecast and hope that you are still going to be posting them. Thanks for your insight and gift.”

“Thank you very much once again for your breathtaking reading. It was quite amazing. Whatever you described are very much so as they are… His character and the way he is is exactly how you described…. I am now fully aware that this relationship would not last too long, but not too pessimistic, but quite happy I encountered this beautiful dream. Hope I encounter my real soul mate next time, though. Anyway, thank you very much for your kind words …and by the way, aren’t you taking any apprentice? I wish I could be one.”

“I have read your Soulmate One reading and Rectification.  I wanted to express my deepest gratitude to you for doing such a thorough analysis and giving detailed explanation on my soulmate.  It was truly a thrilling experience to discover what was shown by my natal chart.”

“First of all, I feel truly blessed to learn that I do have a soul mate for me, too. I was not sure if I would have one. Much of what you have done in reading for me matches how I see myself,..and that makes it all the more special that I have received the description of my soul mate.”

“Words can’t express my feelings of gratitude and respect for the precious time and energy you spent in producing such a long and detailed reading for me. So i’ll just say, thankyou so very, very much Ivarna. How very kind of you. You’re amazing….”

“It was a shock …. and with such detail too…I honestly didn’t think there was a chance I would find true love, at this stage of my life. I think when I contacted you, I was seeking confirmation that love had passed me by and this would force me to stop dreaming and face the fact. Now I know different…”

“I’m totally amazed at the smallest detail you can observe from a chart. You have a wonderful gift and i’m so thankful our paths crossed. Guess it was in the stars…”

“I received your mail and read it now. I am crying again with thanks and happiness! I was having tears in my eyes when I was writing to you a few hours ago, and after listening to some music, I noticed your reply and read it, and then I had to cry with happiness again! I need many tissue papers…for both wiping tears and blowing my nose…”

“I got your Synastry reading with …. and Soulmate One some months ago. I would just like to show you appreciation for your reading. I can not show you enough how I feel by words. I feel like heavy burden suddenly off from my shoulder. That I am not wrong to love him. I was always thinking if I am wrong to love him, if I am just a mad and childish to wait for him to open his mind. But you showed me that me and …. had met each other in previous life with some Karma. And you read about me when I met him, how did I feel about him. No one understood this feeling, everyone said I am crazy and he is just evil, cruel man. But you made it sure, the reason I love him. I felt much more ease about myself. And, what you wrote were everything true…”

“You wrote about us that we start our relationship through words, and sure it is true. And one of the very impressive thing is, you showed me that we went apart at railway station in our previous life when our love seemed to start. The place I met him for the first time in person was actually at the railway station. on a platform. So I could not stop crying, that you made me feel sure that me and …. have some karma and met to overcome something together. From the place we went apart in previous life.  Everything that you showed me made many things clear, and gave a big courage to me. I would read that again and again. Thank you very much, I could not tell you much as I do feel appreciation.”

“You are one of the most importand person in my life. My soul never forget the affinity(friendship) to you. I am always wishing that I could do something in return for thanking to you, which make you happy… thank you always…”

“Thank you very much for taking your time and using your great power for me. Knowing the future is exciting and also very worrying and scary, but I believe I have the power to make myself happy. You encourage me, thank you very much again!”

“I really appreciate for the Soulmate reading Two. You wrote about my past life, and it makes sense. To be honest, I was thinking to commit suicide. As a fact, I thought about it many times. But because of the reading that you gave me, I feel much better now, out of depression. And I try to hold on in this life, I wait for my soulmate as you wrote in the reading… You save my life…

“I received my soulmate reading … and I was very impressed about it. I am really appreciated for your reading, each one of your words. I got to know one person two weeks when I had read this great reading result. He is exactly same as the descriptions – face, structures, Star sign-Pisces … childhood, etc. On our communication, we both felt some strong spiritual connection between us. I felt that he should be my SoulMate…” Sadly the man was not to be part of her future, and it was hard but she is strong and moving forward.”

“I received the reading. I am just speechless. Your reading is absolutely amazing. Almost all the things you wrote about the past and present are correct. ( I don’t know about the future yet, of course!) Thank you so much for your hard work. You have helped me a lot to understand many things about myself. I would like to ask couple question… You mentioned in the reading that you are not certain, but there is a strong possibility that he (new person) could be the person in the soul mate one… Some of the description, personality, and sign is matches the reading. But his age, initials didn’t match … s this mean that he is probably not the person in my reading? I would like to know your thoughts. Do you see the time of breakup in our chart? If so, could you tell me when? When you do reading, any kind of reading, I know that you do it from the charts. But do you also see, feel, or sense something rather than just reading? Your reading is too detailed and deep if it was to be just from the chart… so I wonder if you are actually seeing something we can’t see. Thank you again for your wonderful work. I am sure I will come back to you in the future as long as you provide this service. “

my reply…”I’m not too concerned about the initials. It isn’t right every time due to the different “root” languages and different alphabets or letter sounds, world wide. So don’t worry too much about that. The age difference in a chart is usually correct, or to within a year, so that does cast a doubt it. Really only time will tell if you have met him, and the feelings within your own soul, which will be haunting, delicate, beautiful and enchanting but very compelling if you have. The inner soul always knows, it is only the conscious mind that is uncertain and cautious”…

client’s response… “Thank you so much, Ivarna. Your words are so kind and I always feel like crying when I read the end of my reading. You are truly amazing… There is no one like you and I am so happy that I was able to find your service. I am sure I will be contacting you for more service. Thank you again.”

“thank you very much for your sending me all of your wonderful reports. Since the receipt of your soulmate reports, I have started making a journey within myself to see my purposes in life. As stated in your reports, I have learnt that knowing my true being is the first step to make myself realize that all of the past experiences have full of meanings for progress in the future path. I feel that I am happily getting changed in my heart and soul day by day even though there are some hardships in front of me to overcome in the immediate future. Now I can see rosy hope in the future to let my happy life come true with my spiritual twin person with my beloved children. Once again, I would like to extend my infinite thanks for your wonderful reports and your efforts.”

“Thank you very very very much for your work and especially I appreciate you put your warmth of unconditional love for us into your work and your words. I really felt it and felt that you are a person full of kindness and love. I asked you to read my chart of soulmate one,two, three and rectification, and I have just read rectification first, and soulmate reading one and two, now. I was very surprised especially when you mentioned where I’ll meet my soulmate…because it seems exactly the place where I have been very strongly interested as well I have felt as if I have ever been many times there in the pastlives since I was a child, and have longed for visiting someday.”

“I have had a dream which told me a certain name of a city, and it really exists. When I talked about it to the native person from that country, he said that even the native people in the country don’t know about the city well, and even my penfried told me so,too. I was thinking that I would get your report around this December, but you gave them to me much earlier than I was thinking, as I was surprised to find your name in my mailbox. Thank you very much for your big work full of love. For me, not only the report but also your warmth of heart and friendly words are very precious gifts from heaven. I had been fighting against the hard situation since a childhood and was exhausted sometimes, but kept running straightly towards the direction that I think and feel right. So, I’m now attracted by only TRUE things, not faked ones.”

“I think I would like to write more when I comlete reading your all reports, if it doesn’t bother or interrupt you in busy working times. You told that we can write to you as like you are our friend, family etc…,is that OK? even if we write you again and again about what we want to talk to you? Anyway, I wanted to tell you my appreciation and big “Thank you!” as soon as possible, so I wrote this e-mail. I really really thank God and heaven and the whole universe that make me happy and as well that make me know such a nice person like you, Ivarna. I wish everyone in the whole universe finds happiness everywhere and feel peace, and would like everyone to be really happy from the bottom of the heart and soul. Thank you very much for your time to read this mail, Please take care and stay happy and healthy, and full of love. With my big thanks and friendship..”

“Just wanted to tell you that I think you are the most talented and accurate astrologer I have ever found. Your predictions on what is going on in people’s lives is astounding. I have really missed your February forecast and hope that you are still going to be posting them. Thanks for your insight and gift.”

“I can not even begin to think of the words that would describe how thankful I’m to you for the synastry report. Both me and … (my boyfriend) read it and we were ecstatic. It made me cry :o) We felt very strong about our feeling and hopes for future and you have just confirmed to us that we can welcome our future with open arms. ..(my boyfriend) doesn’t usually believe in astrology much and the fact that he was left speechless and amazed was truly amazing. We could not believe the amount of similarity between us and the report. It was like you moved in into both of our heads and managed to see the future in the same time.”

“I would also like to tell you that in the last three days since we received the report we are treating each other with more attention, love and respect. Having this conformation that I’m the one for him and he is the one for me puts a completely different prospective on the relationship. The fact that we know that we have many years to love each other just makes us wanting to treat one another even better than before. More I love you’s also happened :o) How do I thank you, how do I tell you how amazing you are!!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. “

“I have got a good news! I have got an offer from University C… L … ! I have heard that it is very competitive to get a place there, so I am very surprised when I received the offer. I still feel that the road for the future in front of me is too big and sometimes I feel I don’t deserve walking that great road, however, I will try my best. In Karma reading, you mentioned that I would be academic and have a gift for languages. It’s as exactly the same as the reality which is happening. You are amazing! Your words are always helping my mind to a great extent, so I often repeat reading your all readings to encourage myself. I am sure that other clients do so. Thank you very much, Ivarna.”


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