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Is my astrology reading Individual ?

How individual is astrology? I was asked this question and I have reproduced my reply on a new page, as it may help you understand more about the reading you will receive from me. Astrology in it most basic form is Zodiac sign astrology. Its fun, its often surprisingly accurate too, but its very generalized and everyone born under the same sun sign, regardless of their own birth date, falls under the same zodiac influence, the same fate one might say. We are all familiar with this in magazines and website, and conversations. And we all know if we are an Aries or a Taurus, and something of what it means to be that sign.

But we aren’t clones, what of the differences between one Leo different to another?  If your Sun was in the second degree of Leo at birth, then your different to someone whose sun was in the 18th degree of the same sign. Some astrologer only use the whole sign for their readings, not degrees. When I do your reading I take individual degrees into account, often the exact degree, not a few either way. It doesn’t mean you are the only person in the universe born under 18 Taurus, far from it, Read more on the page How Individual is Astrology

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