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Twin Soul

Twin soul ? this is taken form my Soulmate Astrology, book one, and helps answer a question I am often asked, “what is a twin soul”.

Some people believe that when our soul and spirit was created, before time began, and before we walked the earth, the essence or substance of our soul and spirit was split into pieces, like identical embryos in the mother’s womb, but our womb was time and space and whatever existed between worlds.

A twin soul of which we may have many is the same essence as us on a very deep level but also uniquely different. There is the theory that mankind is lonely and the sex urge is a subconscious attempt to reuniting these half’s to become one again, which is why if a soulmate or twin soul is of the appropriate sex and right age there is an irresistible attraction. A twin soul is literally our “other half “. If we meet a twin soul it is a rare relationship. And it isn’t always a romantic one. A twin soul can be a person of either sex, any age, it can even be a figure from history, or someone we have never met, but who we seem to have so much in common with we instinctively feel we are them, or were them in another life, or that we should have known them, as friend or lover.. When twin souls meet up, regardless of whether they are best friend, or lovers, or family members, they are usually inseparable, and so are often called soulmates. A Soulmate can be a twin soul but it isn’t always.
If you think of our human as a Russian doll with many layers of mind and spirit and soul within it, one inside the other The soul is simply a deeper layer, of us than the spirit. The links between souls are deeper than those between spirits. But when the soul’s essence is divide into two ( or more), the spirits essence the next layer down automatically is divided too.. If it didn’t, you get a unique situation where two people, two souls, shared a common mind, total telepathy. There are legends about such people or races. If the spirits essence doesn’t divide fully, you get fragments of telepathy but not total between twin souls.
A twin soul is always also a twin spirit. So the terms are used interchangeably. ( Though confusingly a twin spirit isn’t always a twin soul)

A twin soul is created of the same spiritual essence, like a twin. But usually there are elements of reversal, so that the Twin, may have some opposite quality we lack, or may have a strength where we have a weakness. And we may have some quality the twin lacks. But in other ways very similar. A twin spirit can be the same sex, or the opposite sex, so when you meet a twin spirit you don’t necessity meet a soulmate in the usual sense or a lover but you can do. What you meet in twin soul is someone who will bring enlightenment. I don’t think enlightenment has to come through someone else’s magnetism, but it helps. Like a fusion. The two half’s, If say an artist meets their twin soul, to work on the same project, they may love or hate that person, but they will do their best work with them, as though meeting the twin soul has unlocked something, or given them a greater power. Each twin benefits.

On rare occasions you get a twin soul, where one is good, the other evil. In literature and great books of the past the hero and the anti hero are often symbolic of twin souls, one good, one bad, but both equal in their power. In real life it is not usually that clear cut, but if one twin has elements of bad in the character and the other good, or one has all the strength, the other all the weakens their meeting is one where they will either reform each other or destroy each other. Opposites are the same in the end. It is quite rare to meet a twin soul. But I believe we probably have several “twins”, more so if someone has an important destiny, the twins are then like reserve players in a game, a game of destiny, so that if that person fails or faulters on destiny’s path, one of the other twins can be called by fate to carry in that “important” destiny.

The true definition of a Soulmate is someone who has always loved you, whose spirit has been irresistibly attracted to yours from the beginning of time, whom you may have met before, time and time in past lives, or may be meeting for the first time. A predestined lover. One who has been brought to the fatalistic point in history where your two pre destined paths must merge so that you can complete your destiny. Such a bond creates an intense and overpowering love.

This is the kind of relationship that I am asked most often to predict in the astrology readings. The great love relationship, that comes perhaps only once in a life time. The love that transforms us. If we are very lucky we may meet a second soulmate, but such relationship are rarer.

Soulmate of course is a convenient word, used as a general term and so it can have many definitions depending on who is saying the word. Like the term “ Girl Friend “ it has a whole larder of uses. If a lesbian refers to her girlfriend, we know it generally imply something different to when a heterosexual woman talks brightly of her girl friend!. When a man uses the term it can mean anything from someone he is dating, to someone he has lived with for the past decade. Soulmate is used in the same diverse way. I do not think that exact definitions are so important, but they are included in this book because people do ask.

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