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Special Questions

You may have questions you would like answered and no readings give you the chance to ask these important questions. Sometimes I can answer freely in a brief email, but often the answer involves much chart analysis, sometimes of two different charts, so time does not allow me to give you the detailed answer I would like to.

My many years as profesional consultant astrologer I have dealt with more situations and problems than I can list here, so do not be afraid to ask, and give the details, most important your birth data: Date, Time and Town of your birth. You may also add Urgent  Option if you need help without delay.

If I can not answer in allowed in a Special Question Reply I may need to prepare a full, bespoke reading for you, and as you will guess this my add to cost, but be assured I will do my best to give you what you require, if I am not able to answer your questions or help with problems then there will be no charge. You can complete the form here and I will advise on how to proceed if I am unable to offer quick email reply. I will be pleased to hear from you and offer any help I can provide.