Soulmates and Marriage

Your Soulmate

Soulmates, the unique astrology of Ivarna. Your Soulmate may be your husband, wife, life partner, long term lover. Your Soulmate Chart or Marriage Chart,  the most intriguing introduction to your future partner you will ever read.  I will give you a unique description of your future Soulmate / Husband / Wife. This is real astrology at work for you, the way astrology should be. Created in response to many requests from clients for a good description of their future marriage partner, this revealing astrology started life as “Your Marriage Chart” over twenty-five years ago, and this very special reading has since gained respect and popularity all around the world, and today is in high demand, particularly by Japanese clients everywhere.

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Your soulmate is one whose spirit has been irresistibly attracted to yours from the beginning of time. A predestined lover, true soulmate, brought to the fatalistic point in history where your two pre-destined paths must merge so that you can complete your destiny. Your life is written in a single instant. Everything there is to know about you is concealed inside that one moment of birth. As a true astrologer with a natural talent for  deep chart interpretation I offer these skills to unlock that moment and reveal to you your predetermined soulmate.

Beginning with a thorough description of your soulmate’s appearance; face, hair colour, I then go on to describe his character so precisely that you will feel you already know him. A glimpse of his  childhood background almost brings your soulmate to life. I then see if  your chart shows a clue to his name, the initials of his name, and by analyzing your chart further I try to reveal when you will meet, or marry.  This is genuine, predictive astrology. Everything is taken directly from your own birth chart drawn up for the very moment you were born. If you do not know your exact time of birth I may be able to rectify your time of birth from some details of your past, read Rectify Chart for more information.

You may be shocked, delighted, perhaps amazed at every one of the twenty five or so pages,  you will certainly be totally fascinated by your own Soulmate One prepared just for you, and only available from Ivarna or an authorized agent. Order now on Soulmate Order page, You can save yourself a little time and money by placing your order for Soulmate One, Two and Three all together,

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