Soulmates and Marriage

Second Soulmate One, the next one

Your Soulmate  – The Second Time ?

Yes,  I can move your chart forwards to see the next special or great love in your life. Now to order direct in Orders page.

“Can I have another Soulmate One reading?” a question I am often asked. With such a long time in astrology I have been privileged to see into many lives. There are a million stories some happy, some sad, and clients return after many years and ask “does my chart show anybody else out there for me?” “is there a chance of an alternative love?” “do I have another Soul Mate?” “if  we do only have one true soul mate then might there be someone else who feels like a Soulmate?” The answer is most certainly Yes, there can be another opportunity, and I am now able to offer a Second or Next Soulmate reading.

You may have  had your Soulmate reading many years ago, and been inspired by this  deep personal glimpse through the curtain of the present time into  your future. Much may have happened in your life in the intervening years. I hope you have met your Soul mate as described, as so many do,  and lived happily. But for a few the soul mate is not in their life any more.

There are a number of reasons why this might be;  the love has been an unrequited one, or a one-sided love, the soul mate may have passed on, maybe he or she is married and the client has grown tired of waiting in the shadows of his life.  There is also karma, a troubled life too difficult for the bond of love to overcome or withstand that causes the relationship to end. I  had a client recently who met  his soulmate but decided he wanted to be alone, to pursue a different destiny, a career calling which would have been untenable with the soul mate. Occasionally it has not fully materialized. I recall a very special client whose chart described a film star, a dream that could not come real, and in fact the client was infatuated by him, but perhaps that was the only taste of love, the only paradise possible in the client’s life at that time.

Yes,  I can move your chart forwards to see the next special or great love in your life, you may find similarities to your original Soulmate, this is natural. If  you want to look again into the mirror of time, we can. You can order a Second Soulmate One at any time, and I will help you find your next soulmate.  You can help me in this by saying very briefly, in just a line or two, why you need it and when your first Soulmate reading was done. Find it in the Orders Page, I will be happy to hear from you.