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  1. Sachiyo

    Dear Ivarna,
    Dear Ivarna,

    I learned about your Soulmate reading through Keiko’s website (who is your Japanese agent) and I had ordered your soulmate and compatibility readings before. It was amazing that the reading pointed out many details about my relationship with my partner precisely! It is always a challenge to translate your volumuous readings into Japanese but having your reading is really worth of it. I visited your website recently and noticed your post “Comments & Concerns”. I was glad to know that you would like to hear from us and get some feedback about your reading. It is very helpful that I can communicate directly with you and ask some questions about our readings. Well, can I ask one question here? Everybody who had your reading is looking forward the day to encounter her/his soulmate. But some people didn’t meet any soulmate yet although the period of time which was mentioned by reading already passed. What is the reason for this situation?

    1. Ivarna Post author

      Dear Sachiyo,
      You ask why some people have not met their soulmate, even though the meeting date is past. This is a complex question because all charts are different.

      Astrologically the details of the soul mate, his description, character, and almost everything in the reading about him are is worked out from the clients birth chart., because it is the position of the stars at your birth ,that show your destiny. But then we have to try and put a time on this destiny. A method called Transits is used to try and find the timing of when you will meet him. A transit is when a planet in the sky crosses the position of one of your birth planets, and makes the events in the chart begin to materialize, I always think a transit as being like the pointers of a clock, if the clock is set right at birth, when it gets to a certain time something happens, or should happen.

      Most people do meet their soul mate under certain transit aspects.. When I do a soul mate reading once I have done all the details of the decryption and other thing I look through all at the transits in the next few years ahead in the clients chart. And I choose the most likely aspect of meeting. The time when it should happen.

      I think of astrology as being like medicine, its mysterious and uncertain, but just as a particular medicine will cure a particular ailment in most cases, so a certain transit will cause the meeting with a soul mate in most cases. But just as some people with the same ailment need a different medicine, some people meet their soul mate under a very unlikely aspect, or may need a different remedy, than most. When a soulmate arrives earlier than predicted, it is not a problem, but when he arrives later it is a cause of great disappointment,, but it doesn’t mean nothing will happen.

      First thing officious is to check the birth time, a few minutes wont make a difference, but a few hours would make a radical difference not only to the timing but to everything.

      Also to be true to yourself, did you meet him, or anyone like him, even if it was an unrequited love, or if he came and you parted and so you thought it could be the soul mate, or he could be here now. Its not the end of the world if any of that happened, there is still a future love for you, but people sometime do think this way,.

      Other reasons, are complex, and individual, they don’t apply to everyone, occasionally there is an obstacle in the flow of clients life, such as some other event that has to happen first, that is holding the destiny up, or even some inner change the person is stuck at, A change in character, to make her the person she is meant to be on meeting him, which is like a way of moving on through time, to tie of meeting, if you follow me. I don’t want to be too deep or philosophical here, but Time, after all is only the way we measure things, events, happenings on earth, a human invention. Destiny really goes back beyond our own birth time, and events predestined happen when we have become who are meant to be at that time, when our life circumstance are as they are meant to be when we meet him, so not making inner or outer changes that were meant can make you stuck in time, and the solution or remedy is to try to make those changes so you move forwards toward meeting. Thinking back to the time when you should have met him? was there something you were going to do but didn’t, some path you would have taken, often thinking of it brings the opportunity up again not long after, some opportunity, or something, or someone else you should have moved on from inwardly but haven’t.

      In general terms this is all I can say to help, individual charts sometimes show solutions, but not always. Sorry this is a long message, but I think it deserves a thorough answer.


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